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Library Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Scanning Articles and Chapters

Scanning Articles and Chapters

While building access is limited and students are unable to access the library in-person, the library will follow new guidelines by Library Copyright Specialists posted by the ARL (Association of Research Libraries).
If you need an article or chapter from a print book in the library collection* and on the reserves shelf, please submit a Digitization request through the catalog or fill out the form to the right. Instructions on how to submit a digitization request through the catalog can be found in the box below.
If you are unsure of the pages or section you need, in the Chapter Title or Number field please write "Table of Contents and/or Index".
We'll receive a notification that you are needing pages digitized. Once we have scanned the chapters or articles you are needing, we will email them as a PDF to your school email address.

*If you are needing an article or item that is not in the library collection, please fill in the ILL Request form located here.

Digitizing Request

After logging in and searching for the book in the catalog, click the title in the search results to open the book's full record. Under Get It click Digitization. Click the box next to Partial and then fill in the Part to Digitize field. If you do not need it after a certain date make sure to add that date to your digitization request. Then click Request.
You must be logged in to submit a digitization request. Instructions on how to log in to the catalog can be found in the Library Account LibGuide.

Screenshot of catalog record with a purple box around the Digitization option.

Screenshot of the Digitization details with a purple box around the Request button.

Scanning Request Form