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Electronic Books - CMLT: How To Download EBSCO eBooks

Reading in Your Browser vs Downloading

Reading in Your Browser

Are you just wanting to read a snippet of the book or just a chapter?

It's best to read the eBook in your browser. Although while you are reading the eBook no other user can access it, once you exit the eBook it will be available again for another student or faculty member to access.


Are you wanting to read the entire eBook or read it on a different device?

Then downloading is the way to go! All EBSCO eBooks can be checked out for 1 - 4 weeks. At the end of the check-out period the eBook will automatically be "returned" and available again for the next person.

Adobe Digital Editions

In order to download our ProQuest and EBSCO eBooks you'll need to download the (free) Adobe Digital Editions reader.
JSTOR eBooks can be read in your browser or downloaded as a PDF.


After locating the book in EBSCOhost that you want to download, click Full Download. 

You'll be asked to Sign In or Create an Account. You must have a (free) EBSCOhost account in order to download the eBook. Once you've downloaded the eBook, if you need to access it again it will show in your EBSCOhost account under Checkouts. 
You can sign in either with Google or with the username and password you chose when you created your EBSCOhost account. If you haven't created an EBSCOhost account yet select "Create one now". You'll be taken to an account creation screen where you'll create your own username and password. 

Once you are signed in you'll be able to download the eBook. Choose how long you want to borrow the eBook (1 to 4 weeks), choose a download format (PDF if you are on a desktop and EPUB if you are on a mobile device), select that you have Adobe Digital Editions installed (free but required to download eBooks), and click Full Download.
If the eBook is only available in PDF (like the one in the example) or EPUB it will tell you which format you're downloading before you hit the download button.