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Nakba and Holocaust in a Single Breath: Israel/Palestine Immersion Travel Bibliography: C - E

Nakba and Holocaust in a Single Breath: A Difficult Bibliography of Hope and Critique


Memoir written by Nazareth native Riah Abu El-Assal, Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, describing his very difficult journey as both a Christian and a Palestinian Israeli citizen.
Collection of papers from the 5th International Conference of the Sabeel Liberation Theology Center. Includes entries by Elias Chacour, Jean Zaru, Rosemary Radford Ruether, and many more.
This coming-of-age novel written by famed US Jewish author Potok illustrated the experience of US Jewish internal conflict surrounding the establishment of the state of Israel.
Prolific biblical scholar Breuggemann states his position that though he stands in commitment to the security of Israel the Christian community must create a plan to vouchsafe the human rights of Palestinians.
Cohen walks the reader through an examination of one of the primary “warrants for genocide” of Jews by Christians. The “Christ killers” myth persists and remains a motivating factor in antisemitism today.
Co-authored by a minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and an Evangelical Lutheran college president this book looks at the meaning and potential of the cross in the face of the unjustified suffering in Palestine.
This powerful history of Christian and church anti-semitism begins from pagan Greco-Roman and extends through the recent post-Holocaust aftermath. Published before the contemporary revivalism of conspiracy theories against Jews and Judaism it is an important work, and shows the resilience of destructive information.
This examination of settler-colonialism in Israel/Palestine looks at the impact that the violence and destruction inherent to settler/colonial structures has on the perpetrators (homemakers) in colonized spaces.

D - E

The heartbreaking diary of Anne Frank during her years in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam.
Journalist Cook analyses Israel’s political and military expropriation of Palestinian lands and autonomy.
Atef Abu Saif chronicles his daily life during the 2014 Israeli invasion of Gaza. His beautiful and devastating account of his experiences with family and friends gives the people killed and maimed by drone violence humanity and voice.
This widely acclaimed writing by a progressive rabbi looks unflinchingly at the 19th - 21st century history of the Jewish-Palestinian entanglement of desperation, hope, violence, and peacemaking.
This collection of essays written by famed Palestinian public intellectual between 1995 and 2000 were primarily originally published in Arabic newspapers and documents the disintegration of the Oslo accords.
Using materials from the Israel archives that were opened in the 1980s, Pappe has written an account of the 1948 Nakba ("Catastrophe") in which nascent Israel expelled nearly a million souls from their land and livelihoods and into refugee camps, labor camps, and surrounding countries.
Eva Schloss, posthumous stepsister to Anne Frank, tells her raw story of being enslaved at Auschwitz with her mother. A Q&A section is included in the back.
An international bestseller and basis of the award-winning film, this highly romanticized novel of Israel's founding was instrumental in swaying American public opinion in support of Zionism and the Israeli framing of the creation of the State of Israel.