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CMLT New Students: Scripture Search

How To - Scripture Search

Are you researching a specific biblical verse or passage? There is a search function in our Atla Religion and Theology Databases designed specifically for scripture searching!

From the A-Z Database List, click on Atla and EBSCO Databases.
Screenshot of Atla and EBSCO databases link in the A-Z List.

Sign in with using your firstname.lastname and your SSO password. Once logged in select Religion and Theology Databases.

Screenshot of the SSO login box with a purple box around the username and password fields.Screenshot of a list of EBSCO databases links with a purple box around the Religion and Theology Databases link.

Select either the Atla Religion Database with AtlaSerials Plus, New Testament Abstracts, or Old Testament Abstracts. Please note that the Scripture Search Tool will only work in one database at a time.

Screenshot of the Atla religion databases.

Click the Scriptures tab from the menu at the top of the page to open the Atla Hierarchical Scripture Authority Database.

Screenshot of the Atla Serials menu with a purple box around the Scriptures tab.

Select the book you want to explore or click Expand to narrow your search by chapter and/or passage.

Screenshot of a Scripture Search showing the expanded search feature.