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Library Services for CMLT Students and Faculty: Student Resources

What's in the Library?

Print and Digital Items:
The library provides access to over 100,000 items including almost 1500 eBooks, DVDs & CDs, & titles in a variety of microtext format. 
The library has over 750 electronic and hard-copy journals. In addition, our electronic resources provide access to millions of journal citations and full-text articles.
Course Reserves:
For your convenience, all books on current Course Book Lists are held on the Reserve Shelf in the library. All electronic course materials can be found in Moodle in the eReserves Folder on your course page.
eResources and Databases:
The library provides access to numerous databases and online resources that allow students to access citations, abstracts, and full-text articles.
A Rare Book Collection and Several Special Collections:
Our Beasley Rare Book Room contains approximately 700 rare & valuable titles, many originating from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Some noteworthy tomes include:
  • A 1479 Vulgate Bible
  • A 1529 Great Byble
  • A 1596 Hamburg edition of the Polyglot Bible
  • Alexander Campbell’s Christianty Restored dating from 1835
In addition the library also holds a sizable collection of Discipliana – materials relating to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) – from the many years of Phillips’s affiliation with the church and the Merrick Hymnody collection comprised of over 1,100 titles, including monographs, journals, & ephemera. 


I need a book but I don't live near campus.
We will mail books to you. Just send us an email or give us a call and we will put the items you requested in the mail. You just mail them back when you are finished using them.
I need some pages from a book or an article from a journal.
We can scan and email portions of the text to you, provided the number of pages falls under copyright fair use. This may be helpful to you if you need just a few pages out of a commentary, or a table-of-contents, so you can determine the number of pages you need. Just send us an email with the citation information and the pages you are needing, and we will get them scanned and emailed back to you!
You can also fill out a Digitization request in the catalog. Check out the Requesting Items guide for more information.
I can't find the journal article I'm looking for.
Give us a call or email us with the citation information and we will help you locate the article, either in our online databases, current and bound print journals, electronic journals, or through interlibrary loan.
I need a book but you don't have it in your collection.
We can request the item from another library through interlibrary loan. Just call or email us with the citation information and we'll put in a request for the item. As soon as it arrives we'll get it sent your way.
I need a text magnifier.
A ZoomText Magnifier/Reader and an Amigo HD Text Magnifier are available in the library. Ask at the circulation desk for more information.
Can I make some copies?
Of course! Our copier is free to use.