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Remind & Renew 2020

Art of Ritual: Cultivating Practices for Community

R&R 2022 Theme

In this year’s Remind & Renew, The Art of Ritual: Cultivating Practices for Community, we will:
  • explore and experience rituals that nourish our souls, give life to our missions, and express our deepest and most significant communal values.
  • reconsider the significance of ritual for marking time.
  • recognize again the power of ritual for justice and protest—and for injustice.
  • broaden our understanding of ritual to include our environment and our companion creatures.

Additional information on the online Remind & Renew 2022 conference can be found at


Included in this guide is the Remind & Renew 2022 Bibliography. A PDF version of this guide can be found below.

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