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Responding to Conquered Bodies and Destroyed Lives

In response to the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and the history of conquest and genocide of Native Americans/Indians throughout this region, Remind & Renew 2021 will focus on the violence and trauma perpetrated against African Americans and Native Americans/Indigenous/Indians of this region of the United States of America.

As Indian Territory and Beulah Land for founding more than 50 Black Towns, Oklahoma and Kansas have long histories of perpetuating racial violence that has resulted in trauma being inscribed on communities and embodied within families.  Our three speakers will discuss the religious and theological dimensions of conquered bodies and destroyed lives along with the spiritual, psychological, social, and physical dynamics of intergenerational trauma.

Additional information on the online Remind & Renew 2021 conference can be found at


Included in this guide is the Remind & Renew 2021 Bibliography. A PDF version of this guide can be found below.

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