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Resources in Times of Protest : Online Resources


ACTION (Allied Communities of Tulsa Inspiring Our Neighborhoods) is Tulsa's only broad-based community organizing effort. Through [their] member institutions (congregations and non-profits), [they] teach the practical skills of public engagement to Tulsans. In so doing, ACTION aims to sustain a vibrant democratic culture in Tulsa, which builds the power necessary to effect change around issues that matter most to [Tulsa's] families.

Institute for Collective Trauma and Growth

The Institute for Collective Trauma and Growth provide[s] education, coaching, and therapeutic services for organization and community leaders to:
  • Address long-term emotional and spiritual care needs
  • Build trauma-informed programs ‚Äč
  • Partner across professional sectors for whole community care

Industrial Areas Foundation

Founded in 1940, the Industrial Areas Foundation is the nation's largest and longest-standing network of local faith and community-based organizations.
The IAF partners with religious congregations and civic organizations at the local level to build broad-based organizing projects, which create new capacity in a community for leadership development, citizen-led action and relationships across the lines that often divide our communities.
The IAF created the modern model of faith- and broad-based organizing and is widely recognized as having the strongest track record in the nation for citizen leadership development and for helping congregations and other civic organizations act on their missions to achieve lasting change in the world.

Community Change

Community Change is a national organization that builds power from the ground up. [They] believe that effective and enduring social movements must be led by those most impacted by injustice themselves. Since [their] founding in 1968, [they] have built the power of people most marginalized by injustice — especially people of color, women, immigrants, people struggling to make ends meet — to envision and fight for a society where all communities thrive.

Institute for Cross Cultural Mission

The Institute for Cross Cultural Mission is a church-based training and research entity dedicated to equipping current and future Christian leaders for cross-cultural ministry.
ICCM is seeking to assist current and future church leaders, churches, and denominations who have embraced a biblical vision for diversity by identifying the ways in which leaders shepherd people toward healthy cross-cultural living and ministry. This will include discipleship through teaching, training, and mentoring, and researching matters pertaining to justice and reconciliation ministries.

MBK Alliance (My Brother's Keeper Alliance)

President Obama launched My Brother’s Keeper in February 2014 to address persistent opportunity gaps facing boys and young men of color and to ensure all youth can reach their full potential.
In 2015 the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance (MBK Alliance) was launched, inspired by My Brother’s Keeper, to scale and sustain this mission. In late 2017, MBK Alliance became an initiative of the Obama Foundation.
Within the Obama Foundation, MBK Alliance focuses on building safe and supportive communities for boys and young men of color where they feel valued and have clear pathways to opportunity.