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Library Services for Alums: About Us


In January 2024, the Phillips Library migrated to a new library management system and online catalog. Most of the screenshots in this guide are now outdated and many of the links are broken. We are currently in the process of updating this guide to reflect our new online catalog.

If you need assistance with something you see in the guide, please contact the Library at and we will be happy to assist you!

Phillips Library

  901 N. Mingo Road, Tulsa, OK 74116

All library hours, including special dates or closures, can be found in the PTS Calendar.
Standard Hours
 Monday, Wednesday-Friday 8-5
 Tuesday 8-6:30

Search the Catalog

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Please click the logo above to access the list of all online resources available to students, faculty, and the public.


About the Library

Phillips is an ecumenically-oriented institution & the library's collections reflect the non-sectarian mission of the school. The library's focus is on the core materials necessary for Christian ministerial education, critical thinking, historical understanding & ethical judgment.
Our library collections comprise holdings of approximately 100,000 items, making it the largest graduate theological library in the region extending from Dallas to Kansas City & St. Louis to Denver. It serves as an important resource for theological students, religious professionals & researchers in the area.
The circulating library is housed primarily in the Main Library Stacks. Circulating materials less frequently used are shelved in our compact storage area. Most of the Reference, Course Reserves & Writing & Instruction materials are shelved just past the circulation desk to facilitate access & ease of use. Most of our journals are available online. Current print copies of several journal issues & magazines are displayed in an area of comfortable seating.