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Faculty Bibliography 2024: Allie Utley

Nancy Pittman

Dr. Allie Utley
Assistant Professor of Liturgy and Practical Theology


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"Best Practices in Education: Standards Based Grading"

in Homiletic (Online), 47:2 (2022), 27-28

Open Access

Cover of Liturgy

"Hope Emerges?: An Exploration of Energy and Power in the Context of Worship"

in Liturgy, 37:2 (2022), 48-54


Cover of Call to Worship, vol. 54

"Worship During a Pandemic"

in Call to Worship, 54:4 (2021), 39-43.


Cover of Learning Together to Preach

Learning Together to Preach: How to Become an Effective Preaching Coach

Edited by Allie Utley and John McClure

Cascade Books, 2023

On Order

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Book Review of Apocalypse When?: A Guide to Interpreting and Preaching Apocalyptic Texts, by Leah D. Schade and Jerry L. Sumney, Cascade Books, 2020 - 46:1 (2021), 99

Book Review of The Disabled Church: Human Difference and the Art of Communal Worship, by Rebecca Spurrier, Fordham University Press, 2019 - 44:2 (2019), 51-52

in Homiletic (Online).

Cover of Interpretation, vol. 7, no. 3

Book Review of Fractured Ground, by Kim Wagner, Westminster John Knox, 2023 - Forthcoming

Book Review of A History of Contemporary Praise and Worship: Understanding the Ideas that Reshaped the Protestant Church, by Lester Ruth and Lim Swee-Hong, Baker Academic, 2021 - 77:3 (July 2023), 302-303.

Book Review of The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Ritual, edited by Risto Uro, Juliette Day, Richard Demaris, and Rikard Roitto, Oxford University Press, 2019 - 74:3 (July 2020), 319-320.

in Interpretation.


Cover of Connections, Year B, Vol. 2

"Jeremiah 18:1-11 and Deuteronomy 30:15-20"

"Jeremiah 4:11-12 and Exodus 32:7-14"

"Jeremiah 8:18-9:1 and Amos 8:4-7"

in Connections: A Lectionary Commentary for Preaching and Worship, Year B, vol. 2, edited by Joel Green, Thomas Long, Luke Powery, and Cynthia Rigby.

Westminster John Knox Press, 2020

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Cover of Learning Together to Preach

"The Seminary Experience"

in Learning Together to Preach: How to Become an Effective Preaching Coach, edited by Allie Utley and John McClure.

Cascade Books, 2023

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