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Faculty Bibliography 2024: Peter Capretto

Peter Capretto

Dr. Peter Capretto
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care in Religion and Culture


Cover of Journal of Religion & Health

"Empathy and Silence in Pastoral Care for Traumatic Grief and Loss"

in The Journal of Religion and Health, 54:1 (Feb. 2015): 339-357


Religious Studies Project Logo

"Narrating Secularism in the Continental Philosophy of Religion: Onishi and the Enduring Consequences of the Secularization Thesis"

for The Religious Studies Project, January 16, 2020

Online Article

Cover of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion

"On Not Operationalizing Disability in Theology"

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Cover of Political Theology

"Sovereignty and Its Defenses: Psychic Retaliation and the Theologico-Political in Derrida's Death Penalty Seminars"

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Cover of Heythrop Journal

"The Wonder and Spirit of Phenomenology and Theology: Rubenstein and Derrida on Heidegger's Formal Distinction of Philosophy from Theology"

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Cover of Trauma and Transcendence

Trauma and Transcendence: Suffering and the Limits of Theory

edited with Eric Boynton

Fordham University Press, 2018

Main Stacks - 616.8521 T693 2018

Los Angeles Review of Books Logo

"Nobody Cares: The Trap of Empathizing with the Religious Right"

Book Review of The End of Empathy: Why White Protestants Stopped Loving Their Neighbors, by John W. Compton, Oxford University Press, 2020.

Los Angeles Review of Books, September 12, 2020

Online Article

Syndicate Logo

"What is the Hegelian Social Ethical Response to the Bad-Faith Troll"

Book Review of Hegel's Social Ethics: Religion, Conflict, and Rituals of Reconciliation, by Molly Farneth, Princeton University Press, 2017.

Syndicate, July 22, 2019

Online Article

Cover of Religious Studies Review

Book Review of Living Consciousness: The Metaphysical Vision of Henri Bergson, by G. William Barnard, SUNY Press, 2011 - 39:2 (June 2013), 76-77

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in Religious Studies Review.


Cover of Memories and Monsters

"Foucault and Derrida on Interiority and the Limits of Psychoanalyzing Sexuality and Madness"

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Main Stacks - 155.93 M5196 2018

Cover of Trauma and Transcendence

"The Limits of Trauma and Transcendence" - pp. 1-14

"The Psychic Economy and Fetishization of Traumatic Lived Experience" - pp. 195-220

in Trauma and Transcendence: Suffering and the Limits of Theory, edited by Eric Boynton and Peter Capretto.

Fordham University Press, 2018

Main Stacks - 616.8521 T693 2018

Cover of In the Wake of Trauma

"Loved Objects, Manic Depression, and Abjection: The Truth of Pathology in Klein and Kristeva"

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Main Stacks - 155.93 In18 2016

Cover of EBR, vol. 19


in Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception, vol. 19.

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