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Faculty Bibliography 2024: Lisa Davison

Lisa Davison

Dr. Lisa Davison
Professor, Hebrew Bible/Disciples Director of Denominational Formation


Cover of Lexington Theological Quarterly

"Disciples and Education" - Fall/Winter 2006.

"Disciples and the Ecumenical Movement", with Bill Paulsell - Fall/Winter 2006.

"Finding Jesus in the First Testament" - Winter 2003.

"Who is Like the LORD Our God?" - Winter 1998.

in Lexington Theological Quarterly.


Cover of Horizons in Biblical Theology

"My Soul is Like the Weaned Child That Is with Me: The Psalms and the Feminine Voice"

in Horizons in Biblical Theology, 23:2 (Dec. 2001)


Cover of Disciples World

"Reading Scripture with New Eyes and Ears: An Immersion Experience in Appalachia" - April 2008.

"Thou Shall Not Steal: Economic Justice in the First Testament" - July/Aug 2007.

in DisciplesWorld.

Sayre Discipliana Collection - Periodicals

Cover of JustWomen

"Ruth & Naomi"


in JustWomen, International Disciples Women's Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), (2014)

Sayre Discipliana Collection - Periodicals

Cover of Biblical Preaching Journal

"What Kind of God Do You Think I Am?"

in Biblical Preaching Journal, 15:2 (Spring 2002)


Huffpost Logo

"Beijing + 20 & Michelle Obama: What is Women's Work? (Ruth 1:1-18)"

for Huffpost, October 26, 2015.

Online Blog Post

Sojourners Logo

"Jean Vanier: A Prophet for the 21st Century (Isa 6:1-8)"

for Sojourners, May 26, 2015.

Online Blog Post

[D]mergent Logo

"A Little Consistency Please"

for [D]mergent, October 21, 2015.

Contact the Library for the article.

On Scripture Logo

"Preaching Reflection on the Charleston, SC Shooting (Special Edition)"

for ON Scripture, New York: Odyssey Networks, July 19, 2015.

Online Blog Post

Cover of More Than a Womb

More Than  Womb: Childfree Women of the Hebrew Bible as Agents of the Holy

Cascade, 2021

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Cover of Preaching the Women of the BIble

Preaching the Women of the Bible

Chalice Press, 2006

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Cover of Feasting on the Gospels, Matthew Vol. 1

"Exegetical Perspective" for Matthew 5:17-20, 21-26, 27-32

in Feasting on the Gospels, Matthew Vol. 1, edited by Cynthia Jarvis and Elizabeth Johnson.

Westminster John Knox, 2013

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Cover of Preacher's Bible Handbook

"Exodus", "Joshua", "Judges", "Ruth", "Psalms", and "Song of Songs"

in The Preacher's Handbook of the Bible, edited by O. Wesley Allen Jr.

Westminster John Knox, 2019

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Cover of Those Preaching Women

"Gambling with God"

in Those Preaching Women: A Multicultural Collection, edited by WIlda Gafney.

Judson Press, 2008

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Cover of Saint Mary's Press College Study Bible

"Introduction to the Prophets"

"Introductions for: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Baruch, Ezekiel, & Daniel"

in Saint Mary's Press College Study Bible: New American Bible.

St. Mary's Press, 2007

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Cover of New Interpreter's Study Bible


in New Interpreter's Study Bible, edited by Walter Harrelson.

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Cover of Dear Church

"Natural Thing to Do"

in Dear Church: Intimate Letters from Women in Ministry, edited by Dorothy D. France, 109-113.

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Cover of Chalice Intro to the Old Testament

"Samuel & Kings"

in Chalice Introduction to the Old Testament, edited by Marti Steussy.

Chalice Press, 2003

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Cover of New Proclamation Year C, 2010

"The Season After Pentecost: Proper 13 Through 21"

"Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25, 2010"

in New Proclamation: Year C, 2010, Easter to Christ the King, edited by David Lott.

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Cover of Living Pulpit

"To What Ministry Are We Called?"

in The Living Pulpit: Sermons that Illustrate Preaching in the Stone-Campbell Movement 1968-2018, edited by Mary Alice Mulligan.

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Cover of Kitchen Talk

"What Does Church 'Feel' Like?: A Journey Through a Theological Wilderness"

in Kitchen Talk, edited by Jane McAvoy.

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