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Faculty Bibliography 2024: Lisa Barnett

Lisa Barnett

Picture of Lisa Barnett

Dr. Lisa Barnett
Assistant Professor of American Religious History


Cover of the Stone-Campbell Journal

"Disturber of the Peace: The Life and Work of Elizabeth B. Grannis"

in Stone-Campbell Journal, 16:1 (Spring 2013): 17-31

Sayre Discipliana Collection - Periodicals

"DNA Tests, Indigenous Identity, and 'Playing Indian'"

for Sightings: Reflections on Religion in Public Life

The Martin Marty Center for the Public Understanding of Religion, University of Chicago Divinity School, January 10, 2019

Online Article

The Christian-Century logo

"Peyote and the Racialized War on Drugs"

for The Christian Century, August 24, 2016

Online Blog Post

Peyote and the Politics of Identity: Race and Religion in the Creation of Native American Church

University of Oklahoma Press


Cover of South Dakota History - 2019

Book Review of All My Relatives: Exploring Lakota Ontology, Belief, and Ritual by David Posthumus - Spring 2019

Book Review of The Rediscovery of America: Native Peoples and the Unmaking of U.S. History, by Ned Blackhawk - Forthcoming in 2024

in South Dakota History.

Contact the Library for the article.

Book Review of In League Against King Alcohol: Native American Women and the Women's Christian Temperance Union, 1874-1933" by Thomas J. Lappas.

in New Mexico Historical Review, 97:3 (Summer 2022)

Contact the Library for the article.

Cover of The Journal of Presbyterian History

Book Review of Reforming Sodom: Protestants and the Rise of Gay Rights, by Heather R. White.

in The Journal of Presbyterian History, 96:1 (2018): 43-44.


Cover of The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs

Book Review of Sacred Bliss: A Spiritual Journey of Cannabis, by Mark S. Ferrara.

in Social History of Alcohol and Drugs, 31 (2017): 155-156.

Contact the Library for the article.

Cover of Institutional Change in Theo. Education

"Before Brite: Ministerial Education at TCU, 1873-1914"

"The Suggs Era: Church and Academy, 1977-1989"

In Institutional Change in Theological Education: A History of Brite Divinity School, edited by Mark G. Toulouse, Jeffrey WIlliams, and Dyan Dietz.

TCU Press, 2011

Sayre Discipliana Collection - 230.071 In774 2011

Cover of History of Texas Christian University

"Biographical Sketch of Colby D. Hall"

in History of Texas Christian University, by Colby D. Hall, xii-xx.

TCU Press, 2014


Book Cover for Border Policing

"Policing Peyote Country in the Early Twentieth Century"

In Border Policing: A History of Enforcement and Evasion in North America, edited by George Diaz and Holly Karibo, 147-162.

University of Texas Press, 2020

Main Stacks - 363.285097 B64475 2020

"Varieties of Peyote Religious Experience in the American West: Permutations of Indigeneity and Christianity among Otoe-Missouria Peyotist"

In Religion in the North American West, edited by Todd Kerstetter.

University of Nebraska Press, Forthcoming

Center for Indigenous Ministries Logo

"Indigenous Religious Spheres: Incursions, Resistance, and Integration"

Keynote lecture for Winter Talk sponsored by the Center for Indigenous Ministries (DOC) held at Phillips Theological Seminary, Tulsa, OK, February 13-14, 2023.

YouTube: Part 1 & Part 2

Edmond Trinity Christian Church Logo

"Using the Flag and the Cross: Strategies of the Ku Klux Klan"

Presentation at the Threat of White Christian Nationalism event at Edmond Trinity Christian Church, Edmond, OK, July 21-22, 2023.


National Museum of American Religion Logo

"What is American Civil Religion and Why Was It on Display at President Biden's Inauguration?"

Podcast for the National Museum of American Religion, March 8, 2021.

YouTube: Podcast