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Faculty Bibliography 2024: Nancy Pittman

Nancy Pittman

Dr. Nancy Pittman
President / Associate Professor, Practice of Ministry


Cover of Chalice Introduction to the New Testament

"The Epistolary Traditions: James, 1/3 John, 1/2 Peter, Jude"

in Chalice Introduction to the New Testament, edited by Dennis Smith.

Chalice Press, 2004

Main Stacks - 225.61 C35s 2004

Cover of A Passion for Christian Unity

"Ties That Bind Too Tightly"

in A Passion for Christian Unity: Essays in Honor of William Tabbernee, edited by John Imbler.

Chalice Press, 2009

Main Stacks - 262.72 P2675

Cover of Setting the Table

"Women Reading Women in the Bible"

in Setting the Table: Women in Theological Conversation, edited by Rita Nakashima Brock.

Chalice Press, 1995

Main Stacks - 230.082 S495