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Faculty Bibliography 2024: Annie Lockhart-Gilroy

Annie Lockhart-Gilroy

Dr. Annie Lockhart-Gilroy
Assistant Professor of Christian Education and Practical Theology


Cover of International Journal of Urban Transformation

"Becoming a Welcoming Church and How Youth Can Help"

in International Journal of Urban Transformation, 1:1 (October 2016), 95-108

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YouthWorker Logo

"Being 'Left Behind': College-Aged but Still Local" - July/Aug 2002.

"Cross-Cultural Communications: Caring For Kids from Different Backgrounds" - Sept/Oct 2003.

"Part of the Village: The Kinship Model for Youth Ministry" - Mar/Apr 2003.

in YouthWorker Journal.

"Hidden Tricks, Real God: A conversation with Illusionist Brock Gill"

"Revealed or Concealed?: God's Self Revelation in Worship, Prayer, and Community"

in The Journal of Student Ministries, July/Aug 2006

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Cover of Religious Education

"A Way Forward: Nurturing the Imagination at the Intersection of Race, Class, Gender, and Age"

in Religious Education, 111:4 (July/Sept 2016): 415-429.


Wabash Center Logo

"Home is Where the Classroom Is" - September 17, 2020

"Chasing Normalcy in Abnormal Times" - June 3, 2020

for The Wabash Center Blog.

Drew University Justice Blog Logo

"Nurturing Justice: Mentoring Young People in Their Quest for a Fair and Just World" - November 11, 2018

"Recovering the Imago Dei: The Need for Youth Ministry to Embrace an Emobdied Pedagogy" - December 2, 2018

"Can't Shape the Future if You Are Stuck in the Past" - January 11, 2019

"Shaping the Future with Strength from the Past" - April 15, 2019

"Truth, Social Justice, and the American Way", Pt. 1 - May 7, 2019

"The Hero's Arc: Truth, Social Justice, and the American Way", Pt. 2 - July 13, 2019

"Warrior Women: Truth, Social Justice, and the American Way", Pt. 3 - August 27, 2019

"To Whom Does My Body Belong?" - November 27, 2019

"Reject the Premise" - December 22, 2019

"Annie Lockhart-Gilroy, 'My Hopes for 2020'" - February 15, 2020

"I Want to Change the World, So How Do I Do That?" - February 27, 2020

for the Justice Blog, a part of Drew University's Social Justice Leadership Project (Nov. 2018 - Feb. 2020).

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Institute for Youth Ministry Logo

"Recovering the Imago Dei for Girls"

Blog series that focuses on seeing and naming the image of God in girls.

for The Institute of Youth Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary.

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Cover of From Lament to Advocacy

From Lament to Advocacy: Black Religious Education and Public Ministry

Co-edited with Anne E. Streaty Wimberly and Nathaniel West.

Wesley's Foundery Books, 2020.

Main Stacks - 268.08996 F9255 2020

Cover of Nurturing the Sanctified Imagination of Urban Youth

Nurturing the Sanctified Imagination of Urban Youth

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Main Stacks - 259.23 L811n 2020

Cover of Encyclopedia of Christian Education

"Parachurch Children's Organization"

"Parachurch College Ministries"

in Encyclopedia of Christian Education, edited by George Thomas Kurian and Mark A. Lamport, 926-929.

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