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Faculty Bibliography 2024: Lisa Dellinger

Lisa Dellinger

Dr. Lisa Dellinger
Visiting Assistant Professor of Constructive Theologies 


Cover of Feminist Praxis Against US Militarism

"Manifesting Evil: The Doctrine of Discovery as Christianized Genocide in the Lives of Indigenous Women and Their Communities"

in Feminist Praxis Against US Militarism, edited by Nami Kim and Wonhee Anne Joh, 29-62.

Lexington Books, 2019


Cover of Coming Full Circle

"Sin: Ambiguity and Complexity and the Sin of Not Conforming"

in Coming Full Circle: Constructing Native Christian Theology, edited by Steven Charleston and Elaine A. Robinson, 119-132.

Fortress Press, 2015

Main Stacks - 230 C3808 2015

Cover of Routledge Companion to Christian Ethics

"Sin, US Settler Colonialism, and the Holy Spirit"

in The Routledge Companion to Christian Ethics, edited by D. Stephen Long and Rebekah L. Miles, 401-415.

Routledge, 2022

Main Stacks - 241 R7657 2023